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  • 07 Oct 2018

African black soap is produced in several ways, using different ingredients. However, the core ingredients of black soap produced traditionally include native plants like shea tree bark, palm tree leaves, plantain skins or cocoa pods, and fats like palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and palm kernel oil. Black soap is produced with ingredients that make it excellent for reducing the appearance of acne scars, past skin wounds, and stretch marks. Shea butter helps repair skin tissues and boosts collagen production. Red palm oil has vitamin e and helps maintain healthy skin. The essential fatty acids in palm kernel oil, red palm oil, and coconut oil bolster the regeneration of skin cells to assist scars to fade out. Below is a simple procedure to make your own black soap for skin repair.



  • 1kg black soap 
  • 40g turmeric powder 
  • 40g cinnamon powder 
  • 40g shea butter 
  • 30g licorice powder 
  • 60ml raw honey 
  • 100ml lime juice
  • 40ml sweet almond oil 
  • 40ml sesame oil 
  • 40ml carrot oil 
  • 10ml vitamin E oil 
  • 40ml glycerin 
  • Fragrance (optional)


  1. Mix lime juice into black soap and leave for 45min-1hour to texturize the soap.
  2. Pound the soap using a mortar (You can also use a heavy-duty mixer).
  3. Add other ingredients and mix thoroughly until it becomes smooth.

Note: It is advisable you discontinue any bleaching cream or soap while using this soap recipe. This will help regenerate your skin fast and effectively.


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  • commenter
    John Oreva 29 Nov 2018

    Please where can I get cinnamon and licorice powder and Sesame oil

    • commenter
      Iver 12 Dec 2018

      At any organic skincare shop. I'm sure there would be one in your location.

    • commenter
      Admin 23 Dec 2018

      Our online store is now live, kindly click on store button at menu to shop with us

  • commenter
    Roselyn 09 Dec 2018

    Can it be use on the face ?

  • commenter
    RABIYAT 20 Dec 2018

    Please how long before one starts noticing the effects on the Skin

  • commenter
    eniola 10 Jan 2019

    Hi ma'am! Great job! pls will the soap get rid of those dark patches and discolourations caused by bleaching cream? What noticeable changes does one see on the bleached akin during usage. Thanks so much ma'am!

    • commenter
      Admin 15 Jan 2019

      Yes, it clears dark spot, acne scar and also rebirth the skin to a brighter and glowing state. Clear changes within 1 month of daily (morning & Night) use.

  • commenter
    chinny 30 Jan 2019

    Great job dear

  • commenter
    Caromotive 02 Feb 2019

    Greetings Ma, I tried to add to cart Licorice powder which I want to buy but not going, how do I get it

    • commenter
      Admin 05 Feb 2019

      Hello Caromotive, we sincerely apologize for that, however you can follow the guide below to purchase Licorice powder: Follow this link then select the SIZE (50g or 100g) you want to purchase and then click on the ADD TO CART button to add the item to your cart.

  • commenter
    Umar Sanda Mohammed 25 Feb 2019

    Please how can one measure the specific grams without measuring device

  • commenter
    Amina 27 Jun 2019

    Pls is the soap for only bleached and damaged skin? Can kids use black soaps with licorice? And can this particular soap be used by everyone

  • commenter
    Zynab 26 Oct 2019

    I want to begin a soap and cream buisness.Like how much will it cost me

  • commenter
    Princess aghama 17 Dec 2019

    I guess this will whiten in 7 days

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